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Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament and New Testament Collection | TDOT/TDNT (27 vols.)

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The Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament (TDOT) and Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (TDNT) have become the standard in biblical philological studies. Both are required for use at many seminaries worldwide, and rank among the top publications of the past century. These dictionaries have become the definition of excellent theological-linguistic study in the academic world. This updated collection includes the TDOT volume 16 on Aramaic words as well as the TDOT volume 17 Index of the Old Testament volumes.

  • Documents semantical range, philology, morphology using form-critical and historical-critical methods
  • Provides extensive research and analysis on every major word group in Aramaic and Hebrew in the Old Testament
  • Contains the most widely-used and well-respected theological dictionaries ever created
  • Includes an introductory overview of the history of Aramaic
  • Provides a lexicon of biblical Aramaic and other relevant terms
  • Contains a bibliography with cross-references to the entire TDOT series
  • Title: Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament and New Testament Bundle | TDOT/TDNT (27 vols.)
  • Publisher: Eerdmans
  • Publication Date: 1964–2021
  • Volumes: 27
  • Resources: 4
  • Resource Type: Dictionaries
  • Format: Digital > Logos Research Edition
  • Topic: Greek and Hebrew Reference
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Gerhard Kittel (1888-1948) was former professor of New Testament both at Greifswald and Tübingen. He undertook the editorial direction of Theologisches Wörterbuch zum Neuen Testament, or Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, in 1928.

Gerhard Friedrich has been Professor of New Testament at the University of Erlangen since 1954.

Geoffrey W. Bromiley (1915-2009) was professor emeritus of Church History and Historical Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. He was best known as the translator of numerous theological books, including Theological Dictionary of the New Testament.

G. Johannes Botterweck (1917–1981) was a twentieth-century German theologian who focused on Old Testament theology and language studies while teaching at Tübingen and the University of Bonn.

Heinz–Josef Fabry (b. 1944) completed and coedited TDOT, taking over after Botterweck’s death in 1981. Fabry also serves as a Hebraist faculty member at Bonn University.

Helmer Ringgren (1917–2012) was a Swedish theologian who taught comparative religion at Abo Akademi University and Old Testament exegesis at Uppsala Univeristy and also coedited the TDOT.


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套書折扣: $1,040.96
節省 $190.97 (18%)